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We are Dedicated to Improving Quality of Life With Advanced Physical Therapy

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In the delivery of physical therapy treatment, we follow three specific guidelines:

  • Each patient is attended to mainly by one physical therapist (with more than 15 years of experience), who is also an owner, to ensure continuity and quality of care.

  • Hands on techniques and/or specific exercise regimens compose the main treatment while palliative modalities are being used only as supplementary treatment.

  • Research investigation and adaptation of research recommendations are being done frequently.

Physical Therapy Treatment includes:

  • Patient instruction in daily coping strategies, including energy conservation and muscle relaxation techniques.

  • Patient education on the definition and disease process of mechanical dysfunction in the affected areas. 

  • Patient instruction and follow up of home exercises program to maintain and promote treatment gains as well as to enhance mechanics and muscle performance. 

  • Patient instruction on proper posture.

  • Patient instruction on proper technique with transfers and activities.

  • Moist heat to control pain, promote relaxation and enhance circulation.

  • Ultrasound treatment to control pain promote tissue extensibility.

  • Joint mobilization to enhance arthrokinematics at the restricted segments.

  • Electrical muscle stimulation to control pain and promote relaxation as well as promoting analgesia.

  • Myofascial release to eliminate adhesions and improve tissue deformation characteristics.

  • Therapeutic exercise regime to enhance muscle strength, extensibility, and improve posture.  Therapeutic exercise regime will include: AROM, strengthening and stretching exercises.

  • Stabilization exercises regime to initiate when patient can tolerate for: hold relax, slow hold reversal and rhythmic stabilization techniques to the left upper/lower quarter muscles. Stabilization exercises will improve mechanics and enhance endurance.

  • Aerobic conditioning to promote firing of low twitch muscle fibers thus, enhance endurance and proper posture



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