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We are Dedicated to Improving Quality of Life With Advanced Physical Therapy

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Dr. George Potamitis, P.T., D.P.T., M.S.
Thomas Cabaltera, P.T.
Erin Pendergast, P.T.A.
Kalpita Patel, P.T.A.

Specializing in Orthopaedic and Sports Injuries, with special focus
in Spinal Trauma.

Extensive experience and advanced educational background provide the ability to evaluate in depth, and treat even the most complicated case. Our clinical team consists of a doctor in physical therapy, a physical therapist and two physical therapist assistants with 50 years combined experience.

Pro Rehab is owned by a group of dedicated physical therapist. Studies have shown that therapists in private practice deliver better quality care, more personalized treatment, than therapy provided in other setting such us clinics owned by businessman or large corporations.
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What do Physical Therapists Do?
Physical therapist evaluate movement disorders and develop a personalized treatment plan to increase function and decrease pain by improving mobility, muscle performance and proper body mechanics.

Our goal is to decrease pain and improve your abilities in achieving the highest possible level of independence. We also aim to minimize potential complications.

Back & Neck Pain - Injuries - Headaches
Balance & Coordination - Fall Prevention - Muscle Weakness 
Hand Therapy - Jaw (TMJ) Pain- Fibromyalgia Treatment
Surgery Rehab - Sports Specific Rehab
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